Assembling LEGO 40291 – Hans Christian Andersen

I have been twice to Copenhagen, once in 2015 the other in 2019. One of the must-visit sites in the city that I didn’t want to miss is the LEGO store. It was in my second visit that I decided to buy my first set of LEGO. Looking for something relevant, not too difficult, and not too easy I stumbled upon “40291, Creative Personalities 2018”, a building set commemorating Hans Christian Andersen. It seems that 40291 was a promotional set given for free on purchases in the LEGO on-line shop, but here it is available for purchase. I got the set, and I stored it away.

Two years later, I have decided to finally assemble it.

I open the manual decided to follow thru to the end. The first suggestion is to sort the pieces by color. This approach proves to be very helpful; I find the required pieces with ease.

I continue page by page following the instructions. Each page illustrates the new pieces to add and the result after bringing them together.

When I get to the middle of the manual, I stop for a moment. It seems that I need a construction that I have not yet done. Ops, I need to build the “page” twice, one for each side of the book. I could have had a first reading to avoid surprises, but I find that to discover the steps as I go on is very entertaining. I go back to the beginning. The second time, I build faster. There are fewer pieces to triage in each color group. And I already know how all of them will fit together.

After two hours of moving one page to the next, I am finished. I can understand why so many people like to assemble LEGO sets. I have a feeling of accomplishment and the result is mesmerizing.