Abisko trip by Artic Circle Train

On May 2015, I traveled for the first time by Arctic Circle Train. I went up to Narvik in Norway, stopping by Abisko and Umeå. But I didn’t achieve my goal at Abisko. So thick was the layer of snow that I barely advanced one kilometer of the twelve that I had planned.

Arctic Circle Train, Train 94

In the evening of Friday 4th, I took train 94 in Stockholm Central station direction Abisko. After 1,200 kilometers and 17 hours of smelling dog – I booked quite late and I need to settle for an animal-friendly wagon – the train arrived at ‘Abisko turiststation’.

I had 24 hours to reach Abiskojaure mountain hut, pass the night and come back to take the train next day at the same location and time but opposite direction. With a snow-free exuberantly green landscape, it was easy to achieve. This leg of Kungsleden is well traveled, kept in good condition and with easy to follow marks.

After three hours of walking back to the station, I still had some time remaining to walk alongside Torneträsk lake. A frozen white plane in my memory from May now transformed into a deep blue lake.

Abisko Torneträsk lake

Tired but feeling in peace and connected with nature, I took the train back to Stockholm.

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