My winter 2018 trip to Asia. Day 2. Hong Kong, China

After been in Delhi the previous day, Hong Kong is a striking change.
Delhi and Hong Kong couldn’t be more different. The wide roads and big spaces of Delhi contrast with the narrow streets and high buildings in Hong Kong. 

Me with people walking in the background in a busy road and tall buildings.

As I was riding the Airport Express from the airport to the city High, I was able to enjoy the high-quality free wifi connection.

On the first day, I walked from Central to Mid Levels to Wan Chai trying to absorb all the details of the city. 

In one of the convenience stores I had the opportunity to purchase some of my favorite drinks and food from Japan. As I had no idea that they were solt here, it was a pleasant surprise.

I also took the tram to Victoria Peak. It was a shame that a thick fog was hiding the city. So, I have missed a great view. Is this maybe a good excuse to come back to Hong Kong sometime in the future?

Thick fog. Nothing can be seen.

Update: I have generated a video from some of the many pictures taken during the day.