The Czech Republic. Day 1. Prague.

I have a Swedish friend son of Czech parents. He is one of the most extroverted persons I know of. So, when he said that he was planning a trip to Czechia and I was invited, I accepted without hesitation.

The trip plans changed a few times and another friend of him, a young Swedish golfer from Malmö, joined us. We have rented a big apartment so each of us can have its own room.

In our first day, as we land on the country, I went to visit the city meanwhile my travel companions would play their first golf course.

I start my city visit going to the Národní Muzeum (National Museum). The historical building of the National Museum is a beautiful neo-renaissance construction finished in 1891, and it is in itself an impressive work of art.

The top floor has some splendid views of the city centre. But, most interestingly for me, it has views over the dome and the crystal ceiling that show how the building is constructed.

The exhibitions are divided into two differentiated parts. First I go thru the Czech history exhibits that highlight objects from the republic history. I quickly recognise Cobi, the mascot for Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games and the Seoul ’88 logo that I saw at the Seoul museum. Czech athletes have participated in many international events. Traditional clothes, historical videos and a myriad of Zcech objects educate the visitors.

The second half of the exhibition is composed of a diverse collection of precious items collected during the 200 years of the museum existence. And they are fantastic. There is a Dodo’s beak, a picture of Abraham Lincoln, dinosaur bones, old books, Egyptian antiquities, and much more. My attention jumps from a flag to a book, to a sarcophagus without knowing where to stop. I put my camera thru the security bars trying to get pictures of a few items. It is just impossible to photograph all the interesting ones as there is too many of them.

I leave the National Museum and look into the map on my phone. I have not prepared too much for this trip, as my friend has taken care of most of it. There is just another place that I want to go today and it is the Kafka Museum.

The Kafka museum is that kind of place where you do not find so many on items or beautiful pictures. The museum is an educational experience. I am intrigued by the author of “The Metamorphosis” and this visit is an easy way of remembering some details about his work and his life.

As there is some time left, I visit the Mucha Museum. Alphonse Mucha is the kind of artist that one does not study in school, but his work is well known. So, even if his name does not ring a bell, his artwork probably will. The museum has beautifully printed big posters of his artwork. I am impressed by the beautiful sketches and I learn that Mucha’s works include more than drawings.

F. Champenois imprimeur-éditeur

Prague is not just a beautiful city but it has one of the most interesting and dense architecture landscape I have seen. Everywhere you find unique buildings and interesting places. There are tourists everywhere. But, the amount of tourism is well justified.

Exhaust but happy I go to our apartment. I would have another couple of days to visit the city. But, I am not sure that it will be enough to see everything that the city offers.