The Czech Republic. Day 4 & 5. Prague.

The last two days in Czechia, we stay in Prague. Our first day in the country, I had the opportunity to visit the city. But, Prague is one of the most well-conserved cities in Europe with a big historical city centre as it was not so heavily affected during World War II as other similar cities in the continent. So, extra time to visit Prague is welcome.

Prague has one of the higher ratios of tourists to locals that I have seen in any place. Its cheap prices, its beautiful architecture and its good temperatures from April to October makes it very attractive for all kinds of travellers.

During the two days, I visit all the top recommended places, some of them for a second time:

  • Charles Bridge Iconic 14th-century structure with views Prague.
  • Prague Castle Complex dating from the 9th century.
  • St. Vitus Cathedral Shrine & home of national treasures.
  • Astronomical Clock 600-year-old clock in the main square.

I walk the pedestrian streets for hours. The weather is fantastic and I do not want to miss any detail of the city.

But, the most efficient way to travel in Prague is by tram. The old tramcars Trata T3 were built in the 60s and link the city with its recent past. The 24 CZK (1€) ticket and the card pay-system inside the train are very attractive in price and ease of use for tourists like us.

On this trip, I will try to get something special to bring back home. And, if there is something in touristic places is shops. I purchase some of the usual souvenirs for myself and for friends and family. But, as soon as I see a hand-made puppet shop I get in love with its craft. It takes me several visits to several shops until I decide which puppet I will bring home. It is a unique work that will remind me of this trip, Prague and my friends when I am back home.

The city still has one last surprise for us. Close to our apartment, far from the most touristic areas, we discover Havlíčkovy Sady (Havlicek Gardens) with a very unique restaurant at the top of a hill. Viniční Altán (Vineyard arbour) offers quality drinks and views of the garden and the neighbourhood. Sometimes the best places are close to home. It is a nice way of ending the day.

Next day, early in the morning, we head back to Stockholm. It has been an amazing trip in great company.

And, I almost forgot! My two friends went on Sunday morning to play a golf competition. They won the first prize!