May 2019 trip to the United Kingdom. London.

I wake up early in the morning and take the first train towards the airport. I even have the opportunity to see a maintenance service vehicle in its way home. This morning, I will work from the London office.

Many years ago, London was the first city I visited when I started to travel outside Spain. London is one of my all-time favourite cities maybe because it is a city that always rewards exploration with exciting surprises.

The first three days, I will be working close to Hammersmith. So, I explore this region of the city where I have not been to before. As I cross the Hammersmith bridge, I find the Harrods Furniture Depository. The obvious guess is correct. This building used to be a storage for items that could not be stored at Harrod’s main building. This 1914’s building is listed as buildings that are of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them.

Harrods Furniture Depository

Very close to Chiswick Park Station, by walking between two residential buildings at Bollo Lane, I found a hidden treasure. The Gunnersbury Triangle is a small, tiny, nature reserve in the middle of Chiswick. Its existence is possible by the fortuitous circumstance that three railway lines isolated the location. So, the place was never developed.

In the weekend, I re-visit all my favourite places in the city: Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, Greenwich, Portobello Road Market, and much more. I never get tired of walking around London.

The Clock Tower in the Palace of Westminster does not offer its best face. Misfortune is always a risk when travelling. I have found Museums closed, monuments being repaired and even once a storm that made us miss one of our destinations. But, the alternative is to stay at home and not see any of the wonders of the world.

Saturday morning, I go shopping at Portobello Road Market. There is much to see in this London road. Tourists take pictures of the beautiful English houses with colourful rose gardens. There are stands with international and local food, and fresh fruit and raw vegetables.

For me, Portobello Road is the place to find peculiar objects. Some sellers claim that their objects are real antiquities and some things cost as if they were. I do not know what objects sold here are really antique and which are modern copies. But, I always try to get home some beautiful not-so-expensive souvenir.

During the weekend, I have seen and done more than what I can share in a few lines. Some experiences are a revisit of old ones, and some of them are new. Next time I come back to London, I will revisit its streets again.