Trip to China 2019-2020. Beijing-Zhengzhou. December 21st.

Early in the morning, I will visit my las museum in Beijing. And, then, I will take a train to Zhengzhou. I planned for a slow day, so I do not need to hurry to the train station.

The Beijing Capital Museum is hosted in an impressive construction. I take my time going from room to room. I find that museums are an easy and engaging way of learning a country’s history. I will need to study to be able to remember the different Chinese dynasties, for sure. But, I am getting an intuitive understanding of the various historical periods and becoming familiarized with names and locations. And most importantly, paintings, sculptures and rest of artistic artefacts are worth admiring.

After taking my time to go around, I have more time left than I expected. The extra time allows me to visit the last place. I choose the Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution. The only reason for this is that the museum is in my path to the Beijing West Railway station.

All museums represent some level of national identity view, a military museum will not be different. One section shows the mighty of the Chinese army, another, in the lower level, celebrates Chinese history, highlighting battles thru the ages. For the weapon exhibitions, I had a hard time reading any political message. Allied and enemy weapons are classified by characteristics without much context. Having seen most of the museum, I leave for the railway station.

I walk the short distance to the Beijing West Railway station. As easy is to find the station as difficult to find the actual entrance. Once inside, the station is like any other station, which makes it easy to find my way around. In no time I am in my way to Zhengzhou.