Trip to China 2019-2020. Xi’an. December 25th.

I stop by breakfast. Instead of using a dessert spoon, I drink yoghurt with a straw. It feels strangely exotic.

It is a dark rainy day, I welcome it. The lack of light gets compensated by cleaner air.

Shaanxi History Museum is a very recommendable visit in Xi’an. Is impressive how advanced was pottery ten thousand years ago. But, it seems that there was little improvement for centuries. Used to the XX century fast science and engineering progression, the slow pace of development thru history is baffling.

The Shaanxi Kingdom causes an increase in the complexity of religion, art and governance. More people and better agriculture allow for more magnificent art and needs for a more efficient ruling. Communication is also improved. At this time in Europe, the Roman Empire raises. Both empires will know about each other existence, but they will not come into direct contact.

My understanding of the terracotta warriors is challenged. As I knew the famous ones, it is a realization to see how prevalent the terracotta figurines adorn emperor’s tombs across China. Xi’an warriors are impressive for their number and size, but far from unique.

I have extended my time in the museum waiting for the rain to stop, but I finally decide to go outside anyway.

The Muslim quarter is also recommended in all guides. I walk in the rain.
The streets are alive with people buying food and spending their time gazing at the shops. Mixed with local cuisine stands and crafts, there are many tourist gift shops. Many people are dressed in traditional Muslim clothes that have a distinct design. Lamb is also more common in the many food stands than in any other place. I snap some pictures of the colourful streets.

Going back to the hotel, I stop by a supermarket. I find it difficult to find prepared meals. It is difficult to find prepared meals, even in convenience stores a sign that many people will cook at home or eat in the many affordable restaurants. I buy some fruits and try some packaged food. Lacking a kitchen makes it impossible to even attempt to lear any receipt for cooking myself.