Trip to China 2019-2020. Chengdu. December 26th.

This is another day of travel. I spend extra time at the free breakfast at the hotel. And I check out later than usual.

When I get out of the hotel, at almost nine, I see my mistake. Yesterday rain cleared the air, and the sky is blue. The gloom effect of the smog is nowhere to be seen. Instead, it is possible to sharply see distant buildings. I have lost the opportunity to wake up early and see a better version of the city.

I take the G89 to Chengdu. At least I enjoy the view of the countryside. I keep my camera in the backpack, and I make many pictures with my phone.

After check-in, I walk to the closest park. The place offers way more than I expected. The greenery is well maintained, and I am struck by the magnificent bamboo forest. As I have been travelling to the South from Beijing, the warmer weather helps to keep my spirits high. It is now when I also notice that the days have gotten perceptibly longer. The garden is probably well known as I see a bus full of Western tourists leaving the place. I guess that most Western travellers will come to China in summer, as the bus is a rare sight. Even rarer has been to see tourists going on their own instead of tour groups.