Trip to China 2019-2020. Chongqing. December 30th.

I have free breakfast at the hotel. I go early to the restaurant, and it is almost empty. I get a mixture of everything and a mug of coffee.

I jump into the subway and travel to a traditional Chinese neighborhood. It is a popular attraction for shopping. I start my shopping here. The trip is getting closer to the end, and I have now some idea about what reasonable prices are. I am sure that I would still pay too much, thou, as I am not used to negotiate prizes.

I visit a temple at the top of a hill. It is different from many other temples I have visited probably because of the physical limitations of the location. A couple of tourists are here, most people is somewhere else shopping.

Afterwards, I follow a sign towards a museum. Again, the place is almost empty. It is a shame, even that I enjoy the tranquility. The museum is very small, just three rooms really. But it is incredibly well designed and tidy. Around the museum, there is a small beautiful park. The lackluster views are result of the fog, or is it smog, that has followed me all the trip. The greenery is terrific, thou.

After shopping, I visit a new park. I had it marked on the map as a must visit. It is a big park with several interesting landmarks. I specially like how many trees adapt their roots to the terrain creating interesting patterns over the paved stones. Again the views would be impressive, but the fog limits its beauty.

My last stop is the “Hongya Cave”. The buildings have an interesting architecture that reminds of the Spirited Away house. I do some extra shopping in the place with lower prices. I still manage to get some extra stuff for free, as the shopkeeper probably felt bad about me paying full price. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯