Trip to China 2019-2020. Chongqing. December 31st. Three Gorges Museum.

The Three Gorges Museum is really three museums in one. It has the history museum, the city museum, and the museum of the Three Gorges itself. I spend a few hours from exhibit to exhibit. After a enjoying all the artefacts and exhibitions I visit the Great Hall of the People located accordingly in the People’s Square.

I go to a thrift market. It is mostly empty. I guess that many buyers would do purchases on-line. I see a couple of people selling items to the shops, not the other way around. Some items are fantastic, and costly accordingly. My lack of price negotiation skills shines again. I am interested in some coins, the shopkeeper tells me that are not authentic, and that is why they are so cheap. I purchase a few, anyway, as they look interesting.

To finish the day, I visit a Bookshop. I know the dangers of that, as I am prone to accumulate books during my trips. I end purchasing just one book about the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. It has many pictures old and new, I cannot read the text, thou. It is in Chinese.

This is my 18th day travelling, and I feel very happy but tired. Also, I had a bad sore throat for most of the trip. The only energy that keeps me going is providing by my enthusiasm to visit as many places as possible.