My winter 2019 trip to China. Summary.

This has been one of the strangest trips I have had the opportunity to make. China is politically a complicated country, and I am just barely familiar with most of the country’s history.

Also, I spend two days in Wuhan while the pandemic was developing. That generated some talk once I went back to Stockholm. Only months later, I saw the significance of the situation. I am guessing that I could have gotten the virus while in one of the many train stations in China. I felt more tired than usual and had a sore throat for half of the trip. But I am not sure. I do not know even I had the virus or not. When Europe started to worry about it, more than a month have already passed since my arrival. It did not matter anymore, as or I avoided it or I already have passed it.

And this year 2020, I am probably not travelling anywhere. Nor me, nor most people. Thanks to cheap and fast transportation the world had become a very small place until this year that it got big and farther away again.

December 2019- January 2020