I may have got COVID-19 twice

The first time that I think I got COVID-19 was on December 2019 while I was travelling around China. After my first week in the country, I had visited crowded airports, train stations and museums, I felt ill and got a bad sore throat. As beautiful as China is, it is covered in a ubiquitous pollution cloud that I blamed for my sore throat. With some help of analgesics, I continued my trip. 

Interestingly, one of my last stops was at Wuhan, a city that I was not familiar with at the time, but that nowadays is world-wide known.  I read the news of a “new virus” while in Wuhan, it was contained to a few cases in a hospital, so I didn’t give it a second though.

The headaches and sore throat have followed me around half of my trip but when I arrived to Shanghai I was already feeling completely recovered. 

Back in Stockholm, the sore throat started to fade in my memory until the Coronavirus began to saturate the news. As they described the symptoms, I realized that deep breaths left an unusual feeling in my lungs and will make me cough. It took quite long time until taking deep breaths went back to normal. I do not remember losing smell or taste, thou. By the time COVID-19 tests were available weeks or maybe months have passed. It was impossible that I still had the virus, I have recovered while in China. Testing made little sense by now.

On May 2021, almost one year and a half later, the only friend that doesn’t work from home and that I still hang out told me that he got COVID-19. I got a bad headache and sore throat, it felt familiar. So, this time I contacted 1177 ASAP and got a test next day. 24 hours later it came back positive. That would make it the second time I got the virus.

I am at least relieved that I always wear a mask in closed spaces, as per government recommendations, and even go to the supermarket in low attendance times to avoid people. I hope that these precautions have reduced the possibility to infect others. Maybe, next time, I should also keep my friends at a 2-meter distance. 

But, now I am worried that I may have gotten re-infected in less than a year and a half. But if that were the case, at least, the re-infection has been milder. I wish I have tested myself for antibodies past year, I am now curious about what really happened. I will read the news and follow up on what happens with the people that were part of the first wave. If in the end it is not possible to get COVID-19 twice that will prove that I had something else in 2019. Otherwise, I will probably never know the truth for sure.