2015 February moving to Sweden

In February 2015, I went for a trip that will last more than I expected. The original idea was to work in the Stockholm's office for 5 months and go back to Barcelona. But just a few weeks after starting to work in Sweden I realized that it was a great place to live.

I write this almost exactly 8 years later, it has been an interesting journey.

I took a taxi as it was late, almost eight, when I arrived to Stockholm Central station. Nowadays, I will take the subway when coming from the airport without even thinking about it but only if am not in the mood for a walk. That day it actually would have been easier to take the subway to Alvik as the hotel was just one minute from the station and the taxi did a wrong turn and left me a little farther away (three minutes) than that, but I just wanted to get to my room and rest.

My first home in the country was an Stayat Hotel Apartment in Alvik. Paid by the company, it was a very practical place to stay.

I tried all kinds of new food products, many of which now form part of my day to day diet.

My first weeks in Stockholm, I walked all around the city. Places that I remember thinking "exotic" are now part of my everyday life. It is difficult to conciliate the feelings of awe that I remember as I was walking around the exotic Nordic city with my current feelings of warm familiarity towards the place that I now call home.

I changed jobs many year ago, but I still keep a warm memory of the people I worked with and I am grateful for the opportunity of working in Sweden.

I had decided months ago that I wanted to stay, and I have been in talks to get a position in Sweden. By this time everything was already been settled and I had a new contract. I got another apartment in Kungsholmen for a couple of months while I was looking for something to rent myself.