2016-12 Spain

December is the harshest Swedish month as you only get 6 hours of daylight, if even. I decided to pass the month in a place where I knew that the Sun will shine. So, I decided to visit several cities in Spain.

I traveled from Barcelona to Madrid on AVE, the Spanish high speed train. The first stop is the capital of Spain.

Next city is Cordoba also we get there on AVE. It was my first time in the south of the country. I wanted to see as much as possible. Cordoba is a small city. In barely two days I was able to visit the most interesting places.

Traditional Spanish fish food

Finally, AVE also covers the route from Cordoba to Seville. In downtown Seville, I visited Mercado de Triana, Royal Alcazar, and Plaza Espana.

I took a bus for the leg from Seville to Granada. It was 4 hours long. After a typical cold morning at this time of the year, the temperature raised to a comfortable 18 degrees. I walked up Sacromonte and stopped by “Mirador de San Nicolas” to take some pictures. For dinner I went to different tapas places, all of them were as good as cheap. Food is cheaper than in Barcelona, my birth town, and even cheaper than Stockholm, where I live. The atmosphere was animated and friendly. My last day, I spent 4 hours in a must-do-visit to The Alhambra.

I fully accomplished my goal of spending time on the Sun and I saw some extraordinary places. Barely staying two days per city was enough to see the main landmarks and get souvenirs, pictures and many memories. The next time I go back to the south, I plan to experience Granada with more calm. It is the city that I liked the most, even that all of them were fantastic.