Malta 2017-10-09/13

This October I traveled to Malta for three days of company activities. After the event, I stayed the weekend as a tourist. It was a good opportunity to relax and to test my new SLR-style mirrorless camera, a Panasonic LUMIX G80.

I spent most of my time at Valletta. It is Malta’s capital and a beautiful Mediterranean city.

Even for such a short time, the island felt small. But overall it was a relaxing weekend and a welcome change from the cold Swedish weather.

October 9th

I start the day at the business Hotel that the company booked for me. It is way nicer that the one I will spend my vacation in Malta. I leave my room and walk around the city.

October 10th

I start the day early, there is no reason to wait when the city is out there waiting.

Malta is a contrast of cultures, but the sea is the backdrop for everything that happens in the city.

I started the day early, but I end it late.

October 12th

My goal for today was to walk out of the city. But I rethink my plans. Malta traffic is difficult to navigate as a pedestrian, I feel safer in the inner city even if it not so good there either.

October 13th

For my last day, I just relax. I even take a bath in one of the many natural salt-water pools.