Busan, December 22nd
Asia trip 2018-2019

Next day, I start at Haeundae Beach (해운대해수욕장). In Busan, the days start cold. But, as the morning progresses towards noon, the temperature rises. I take off my shoes and bath my feet in the sea water. I like to do this anywhere I go. London is the only exception that I can remember, I got cold feed. I got close to the Thames and was not brave enough to touch the water.

The yellow sand in the beach, the blue water of the sea and the steel color of the bridge create an astonishing view. A young couple gives me their phone, and ask for a picture. It's a touristic place. There are a few other people along the beach — most of them taking selfies or photos of each other. There is a bicycle rental. Along the coast, several men have left their bikes in the road and went down to the water fishing. Other people are exercising or admiring the landscape. I walk around the path being one more part of the scene.

I repeat part of the path of the previous day. I go back to purchase a souvenir that I liked but was undecided about. There are presents that are just trinkets to show that I though about a friend, but sometimes I find something that I know that a friend will specially enjoy. It is a shame that I cannot carry so much tings home. I need to choose carefully.

Busan strikes me as more Japanese-like than the other Korean cities. That doesn’t mean that it’s less Korean, but I guess that the proximity with the Japanese Island has shaped part of its culture. And Korea and Japan have a turbulent history.

I finish the day going for a last stroll around the city and going to a museum. Being in Korea has been a fantastic experience.