Tokyo, December 30th
Asia trip 2018-2019

I visit Akihabara. Most of the day I just roam around Tokyo. But, the last couple of hours I go shopping for presents for family and friends. I have accumulated a good stash of souvenirs along my trip. But, here I have the opportunity to get some missing items. The walk to get to Akihabara is always interesting.

I also dedicate some time to play games. I have planned to spend more time doing so, but it always takes me a long time to visit other places in Tokyo. I have barely an hour to play. The language is a challenge. There are many very interesting, very Japanese games that I would like to try. But, the language makes it challenging to learn how to play. But, the real problem is smoke. It still shocks me to see teenagers and children in a room full of people smoking.

This year, I decided to try some gambling games. The idea is to exchange your money for tokens, and then put the tokens in the slot machines. I play a few minutes, but the smoke drives me away. The few coins I got to test disappear fast anyway. Visually the machines are way more extravagant than its European counterparts. Japanese slots feature all kinds of manga characters and animations.