Xi'an, December 23rd
Trip to China 2019-2020

I spend most of the day traveling. So, I decide to not stop by the hotel and go directly to walk the city. I will carry my backpack around.

I start walking without a clear direction until I find myself close to a starred location on the map. Weeks or even months before visiting a new place, I try to add a few interesting places to the map. I walk towards it. It is the entrance to the city wall. I pay for a ticket and start walking.

The first part of the walk I see a lot of exciting things. The city buildings lay at the feet of the towering wall above. A small museum showcases white ceramic artifacts. Remainings of the original wall can also be visited. Many people rent bikes to go around the wall.

After that section, the main reason to continue walking is the challenge of going around the complete wall. I had done the same at the Great Wall in Beijing, pushing forward as a challenge. I wonder how healthy it is to walk in such a dense smog. But, there is no much I can do about that.

I finished exhausted but satisfied with completing the challenge. It has been an over 13 kilometers walk carrying my big backpack. Time to go to check in at the hotel.