2022-04 United Kingdom

After not being able to travel for some time, two years for the same reason that the rest of the world, a short trip to the United Kingdom - or should I say London - was a welcome break.

As I was traveling with a friend, I wanted to show him the most touristic places. So, we visited the must see of London. But we had some extra time and left the city to get to Cambridge.

Movie star

Close to Forbidden Planet, well known science fiction bookstore, I took a picture of a beautiful classic car. It was not after taking the shot that my friend pointed out that the driver was not other than the actor Jason Momoa.

British Museum

No visit to London is complete without passing by the British museum. The exhibits present some of the most interesting artifacts in the world, some controversial and others not.

Cambridge, exceedingly famous university city, has many touristic places to visit. And it is just a short train ride from the city.

As someone interested in computers, we also passed by The Centre for Computing History at Cambridge.

Almost a week gave us plenty of time to walk all around London and Cambridge. I have lost count of how many times I have visited the city, and I hope that it is not the last one.