Tokyo, January 2nd
Asia trip 2018-2019

My last day in Tokyo, I go for lunch with a Swedish friend and his girlfriend. We go around Ueno area. It is a relaxed day and we talk about many different topics. It is a pleasure to share my time with such interesting people. My friends play Pokemon Go, and I even have the opportunity to see how they join a small congregation of players as they try to capture a rare and powerful Pokemon.

Before meeting with them, thou, I visit the National Museum. Another stop that I repeat each year. I spend around four hours looking the exhibits, attending the outside events, and buying some present at the museum shop.

One of my goals is to sit down for a while to draw. This time, I had just half an hour to do some drawing. That is not enough for an amateur like me. But it was the time that it make sense to dedicate to the activity. The museum was closed all the rest of days that I was in Tokyo, as it does not open in New Year’s holidays. So, I did not have the opportunity to do it any other way.

To play games in Akihabara in a good non-smoking arcade, to sit down and draw at the National Museum and much more, I will come back sooner or later to Tokyo.

And this is not only the last day in Tokyo but my last vacation day. It has been an amazing trip!