2018-2019 Asia

I have been living in Sweden for four years. The first December was an exciting experience that I do not want to repeat. It is dark most of the time, and even during the day, you can barely see the light. So, for the past three years, I have been taking my vacations in December to sunnier places.  

The first year, I went to the South of Spain. I stopped by Barcelona to see friends and family. 

The second year, I went to Japan. It was on my trip to Japan that I meet with a Korean woman that recommended me to visit her country. And why not? 

So, this year I went to South Korea. And, as it was close by, I added China to the trip with a one-day stop in India and went back to Japan.  

I have written a log for, more or less, each day. This way – I hope – the memories of different cities will have a harder time blending together and disappearing as time passes by.